A wonderful tapestry of natural landscapes. Murchison Falls National Park is where the mighty Nile River bisects the flourishing savannah. The River is flanked by lush riverine woodlands, before bursting through a chasm in the Rift Valley escarpment to form the raging Murchison Falls. Wildlife enthusiasts can expect to see great pods of hippos. Besides hippos, the immense rafts of Nile crocodile in-and-around the Nile is a spectacular sight, as well as an array of exceptional water birds. Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s oldest and largest park.


Murchison Falls is one of the best parks in Uganda for wildlife. The game drives afford the opportunity to spot an abundance of wildlife. Murchison Falls has over 76 mammals, such as the rare Rothschild Giraffe, Patas monkey, buffalo, lions, elephant and various antelope species. The park is also home to approximately 451 bird species.

The perfect way to get a closer feel of the great Nile is by joining in on a Nile cruise. One of the great highlights at Murchison Falls is the Nile River Launch Trips. Cruising down the Nile provides a great opportunity to see the hidden beauty of the land as well as observe animals as they come down to the water’s edge to drink. The Nile here supports one of the largest concentrations of hippos and crocodiles in Africa. The views of the falls when approached by boat are spectacular. Launch trips usually last around 3 hours.

A more relaxed boat trip down the Victoria Nile. The Delta boat trip, as it heads into Lake Albert goes through a scenic area of papyrus swamps. This is a great way to view birdlife, including the rare shoebill stork.

An alternative to viewing the falls by boat. The 45-minute hike to the top of Murchison Falls offers great views over the surrounding landscape. As the path gets closer, you can hear the thunder and feel the spray as the water forces itself through the rock and over the edge.

Uganda is located within the equatorial region and has a relatively stable annual climate. This means that guests can visit Murchison falls National Park throughout the year. It is important to note that, Uganda like most countries within the equator, has two wet seasons and two dry seasons. These wet and dry seasons dictate events within the park
leading to what, in the Uganda tourism industry is referred to as the low and high/peak seasons.
The dry months between December to February and June to September are when most tourists visit Uganda and the Murchison falls in particular. Unfortunately, this means prices are high for the available accommodation due to high demand. Vehicles can go anywhere in the park and animals are easy to spot as they gather at watering holes
The Wet seasons of March to May and October to November makes it difficult for vehicles to navigate the muddy, slippery and sometimes impassable roads. Overgrown vegetation also makes some parts of the park difficult to access. Many of the animals take shelter during the wet season, affecting the quality of some game drives

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